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Are you bored?



Buy our drawings as PDF's, print them out and start coloring!


Are you stuck at home, but out of things to do? Soon in desperate need to make time pass? Are the kids begging you to play with them? Or are they tired of your bugging? Have your eyes popped out after too much Netflix (and chill?)? Have you started knitting clothes for your neighbor's imaginary guinea pigs? Have you also started baking portraits of them in experimental bread format? Or maybe you just found yourself redecorating your living room for the fifth time in one week and now you are starting to feel like the furniture has feelings and that it's constantly offended by you?

Well, fear no more!

Now you can buy our drawings and color them!

By purchasing a drawing (50 kr/€4,50) you get a PDF that you can print out as many times as you like and color it. By doing so you are also supporting two self employed artist's in quarantine times :-) 


Have a look at our gallery, order the ones you like through our contact form & we’ll email them your way!


1 drawing:    50 kr/€4,50

3 drawings:   100 kr/€9,-

6 drawings:   200 kr/€18,-

9 drawings:   300 kr/€27,-

12 drawings: 400 kr/€36,-

15 drawings: 500 kr/€45

18 drawings: 600 kr/€54

You can even buy the original drawing in paper format if you like it that much (250 kr/€22,-).

P.s. If you don't have a printer, we can also print the drawings and post them to you. This will take a bit longer, due to virus-safety and post times.


About us:


 Jiska and Regine are two good friends and artists, who are currently spending waaaaaay too much time in their homes as well. They have started to make drawings of their surroundings (who knew a refrigerator could be that interesting to look at if you look at it long enough?) and set up this platform to try to create a chance for artists in quarantine to generate some income.

If you are interested in seeing more of their work, have a look at their webpages:



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